Dr. Sarah Zeiser has a BA in Medieval Studies from Smith College and an AM and PhD in Celtic Languages & Literatures and Medieval Studies from Harvard University, where she is currently an Associate of the Department of Celtic and Project Manager and Special Assistant to the Dean of Arts & Humanities. While writing her dissertation “Latinity, Manuscripts, and the Rhetoric of Conquest in Late-Eleventh-Century Wales,” she held fellowships at the Institute of Historical Research at the University of London and the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study.

Dr. Zeiser is the Co-Director of the Boston Harvardwood Writers Program and a Module Leader in the Jeff Sagansky Harvardwood TV Writers Program. She has provided script coverage for the Stowe Story Labs.

As a medievalist, a feminist, and an award-winning screenwriter, uncovering the voices and experiences of the women and men of the past is both a passion and a trained skill. With experience in the careful, detailed research that brings authenticity and understanding to stories of the medieval world, Dr. Zeiser wrote AQUITAINE, about 12th-century queen of France and England Eleanor of Aquitaine. This pilot took the Gold Prize for TV Pilot-Drama in the PAGE Awards, and earned her an Honorable Mention in the Fellowship for a place at the Stowe Story Labs.

Dr. Zeiser has written two other historical drama pilots: THE CONQUEST, about the 11th-century Norman conquest of England and creation of the greatest piece of propaganda in history: the Bayeux Tapestry; and AWAY WITH THE FAIRIES, about the aftermath of the death of Bridget Cleary, a woman accused of being a fairy in 19th-century Ireland.

Her stories – whether medieval or modern – are dramas focused on complex relationships between imperfect persons who struggle with expectation, responsibility, and the realities of disappointment.