Dr. Sarah Zeiser has a BA in Medieval Studies from Smith College and an AM and PhD in Celtic Languages & Literatures and Medieval Studies from Harvard University, where she is currently an Associate of the Department of Celtic and Project Manager and Special Assistant to the Dean of Arts & Humanities. While writing her dissertation “Latinity, Manuscripts, and the Rhetoric of Conquest in Late-Eleventh-Century Wales,” she held fellowships at the Institute of Historical Research and the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study.

Sarah was drawn to screenwriting as a medium through which to envision the lives and events of the medieval period. She has been working on telling the story of Eleanor of Aquitaine – the only woman to have been both Queen of France and Queen of England – since she was about 16. After placing as a Semi-Finalist in the 2007 PAGE Awards with a feature-length screenplay of Eleanor’s life, Sarah adapted the story into the series AQUITAINE, winning Gold Prize in the TV Drama Pilot category of the 2018 PAGE Awards and earning her an Honorable Mention in the Fellowship and a place at the 2018 Stowe Story Labs.

In addition to that passion project, Sarah has written several contemporary short stories and is revising the feature-length script WATCH HILL (Top 100, 2016 Emerging Screenwriters). She is also developing a feature-length screenplay about the Norman Conquest of England. Her stories – whether medieval or modern – are dramas focused on complex relationships between imperfect persons who struggle with expectation, responsibility, and the realities of disappointment.